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Odour Removing Steel Soap

Odour Removing Steel Soap

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Love Cooking but hate how garlic and other smells can stay on your skin?

Our Odour removing Steel Soap  is made to eliminate hard-to-remove odours that regular soap is incapable of removing!
Not only does this make you smell better, but it also will make you cleaner.

How Does Stainless Steel Soap Work?
In short, metal soap works because of the chemistry between certain foods and stainless steel. Odors from fish, garlic and onions contain sulfur molecules, which are transferred to your skin when cooking. Stainless steel binds these molecules, shifting them from your skin to the bar.


Other Benefits: 
- Aesthetic: Not only is this unique metal soap effective, but it also looks great in any kitchen!
- Efficient: Makes quick work of eliminating odours!
- Long Lasting: Being constructed with metal, this soap will last you a lifetime!

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